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Day Six


sunny 19 °C
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Took the ferry to Greenwick.
It was cool. We got to see how all the garbage in London gets compactedinto containers, put on barges and taken away.

Went I got to Greenwick I wondered around for a bit, then went to the TIC and book in for the walking tour. I had some time to spare so I emailed everyone.

Went on the walking tour with a Chinese, Japanese and Canadain girl.
It was interesting but it wasn't worth the £5 I paid. Then we went up to the obseratory. Saw where GMT is measured from.

Then I walked under the themes to the island of dogs.

Everything here closes at 5.30, but it doesn't get dark until about 9.30.

So I just wondered around Canary Wharf.

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Day Five


rain 15 °C
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Arrived at Heathrow at 6am, after a 15 hour flight.
It was raining.
Caught the Underground to my hostel in Kensal Green.
Dropped my bags in and went exploring. Spent a couple of hours in the West London Crematorium, a hugh cemetary next to the hostel.
It's all overgrown and really old, I saw some squirrels. I had a look at the tank stands. They are/were part of their gas supply, there is an inner tank which rises and falls inside the frame work. Then checked out the canel and wondered into Wormwood scrab which is awhole lot of soccer and rugby fields surrounded by scrub and I saw a bumble bee.
Then I got an oyster card with a 7 day zone 1 & 2 put on it (£20) and when into the city. It was about 5pm and everything was closing. So I walked a long the themes, Went to Trafalger Sq and the gallery, Hyde Park, Wellington Arch and Buchingham Place.

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Day Four


semi-overcast 33 °C

Got up early and went to the TIC for the bus to Malacca.
There were 23 people on the tour. Which leaves at 10am and gets back at 7pm.
It took 2 hours to get there on the freeway through oil palm and rubber plantations.
First stop was the old dutch part of town. Which had lots of cool craft shops and temples.
Then we had chinese for lunch.
Next we went to the old Portugese Fort.
Then to a dodgey fishing village to have a look at the straights of Malacca.
Then back to KL.
I had dinner at Kenny Rodges Roosters it Time Square. (It was Crap.)
I grabbed my bags and jumped on the KLIA Express.
(You can check your bags in at the train station, and then go to the airport at your leisure.)

On to London

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Day Three

Bird Park

33 °C
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Went to the tourist Info Centre (TIC), but I was to late for the tours.
So I got on the hop-on hop-off Bus again and hopped off at the Worlds largest enclosed bird park. It was pretty cool, but I think the RSPCA would close it down. The water was florescent green and there were lots of mangy looking peacocks and Flamingos. I had lunch there and then went across the road to the Hibiscus Garden. It was awesome. There were so many different of hibiscus.
Then I got back on the bus and went back to TIC and booked a trip to Malacca for tomorrow. Then went back to BB.

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Day Two

The Menara

semi-overcast 33 °C
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Slept in.
The guy at the hostel told me to be careful of friendly locals and that I shouldn't go home with them.
Went to Bukit Bintang Plaza.
Then I got on the hop-on hop-off bus and hopped-off at the Radio Tower (Menara). I went up the top and worked out where everything was.
After that I got back on the bus and finished the loop.
I turned on my phone to take some pictures at the tower and saw I had a lot of SMS's from Mick. So I gave him a call when I got back to Bukit Bintang. He told me that the electronics plaza was called Low Yat. Which was tucked in behind Bukit Bintang Plaza. So I went and had a look, but they didn't have what I was looking for. So I kept going to Time Square Plaza, they have a rollercoaster through it. It look really cool. I would have gone on it but I don't have anyone to watch my stuff.
I then went to Low Yat and bought a camera that was next model down from what I wanted for about the price it was in Australia.

PS. Don't ask me to SMS you, it takes me an hour to write two words on my phone.

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