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Great flight. Watched "Eragon" and "Because I Said So". Got about an hours sleep.
There was an awesome thunder storm off to our west just after we flew over Singapore.

The train from the airport to KL was really good. It went past acres and arces of dates and bananas.
It took me awhile to find the Monorail. It was hidden in amongst the shop across the carpark from the station.
I got to Bukit Bintang and found my hostal with no dramas.

All the gray water in KL rans in the drains so the whole city smells like a caravan slop bucket.

Then I went looking for the electronics plaza Michael told me about.
I knew roughly were it was, but I couldn't find it.
So I walked towards the radio tower. Which was easier said than done. There are no footpaths and all the roads seem to run perpendicular to the tower.
After about 2-3 hours I ended up at the Twin Towers.
I went looking for a place that sold Diet Coke for lunch, I ended up at Macca's. People are not big on diets in KL the all look like they need as many calories as they can get.

Went looking for the Tourist info centre and did something completely stupid.

This middle aged couple stated talking to me and invited me back to their house. The wife siad that her sister was moving to melbourne as a nurse. So I went with them and they give me some food.
Then the wife's father showed me how he cheats at Blackjack.
And that's when I smelt a rat, but just played a long.
Then he tells me how he lost $50,000 in a game of marjong to this guy from Bruni and that he wants to teach him a lesson. And the next thing I know I am playing 21 against a guy for $50,000 US. But the Father dosn't have the money to spot me anymore. I have 20 in my hand and the guy from Bruni has 19. So they put the cards in envelopes and lock them away. Then they take me to the bank to get some money.
That's when I tell them that I'm not going to do it and that take off.

They had left me out in Wenworth somewhere and it took me about 2 hours to get back to the hostel.
Where I had a shower and crashed.

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